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Newspapers from around the world

The national weather

European train schedules

A remarkably intelligent comparison of the effectiveness of charities.


Help with and answers for your grandchildren's homework!

C-Span booknotes show author interviews collected over the years.

Bob's site - well worth a visit.

Johnny's site

Link to Harrison Steans family website which decribes their project in North Lawndale on Chicago’s west side.

Librarians index to the Internet. Thsi one could put Links out of business. It is the ultimate link to links.


Just Plain Fun


Beautiful butterflies

If you've even thought about EBay you'll love this free classified, city by city.

OK, so it's not the internet - just try it! Great documentaries.

 Channel 75 in NYC

Shakespeare lovers best.

The doctor's pronouncements

This, from a Princeton coin collector

Check your stress

Everything you want to know about digital cameras. See this before you buiy!

Another opinion anyone?

The ultimate search tool.