August 2013

Dear Classmates and ’57 Family,

Next year is a very special year as we look forward to 57’s 57th Reunion.  As a class we have continued to show care and concern for members of the ’57 family.  I believe we are unique.  Mark your calendar now for May 30th & 31st when we get together again at Old Nassau.  We’ll be keeping you informed of our plans.

Earlier this year, on Sunday, the 26th of May, 23 Classmates and Wives met in Philadelphia to begin a "Pre-Reunion Mini.”  Monday was spent visiting historic sites and concluded with dinner at the City Tavern.  Tuesday found us in Brandywine Valley touring Longwood Gardens and the du Pont estate at Winterthur.  That evening, in preparation for our Wednesday tour of the Barnes Museum, our dinner at the Merion Cricket Club featured a presentation by Judith Dolkart – the chief curator of the Museum.  The Barnes, whose holdings of more than eight hundred post-impressionist and early modern art, is the single greatest private collection of such art remaining intact.  Several Classmates contributed to the success of this Mini:  Nate Bachman, who long ago suggested that we look at a pre-reunion Mini built around the Barnes Museum; Murray Peyton, who enlisted the aid of "Road Scholar” and expended considerable effort to ensure its success; Mike Erdman, who hosted the dinner at the Merion Cricket Club, and along with Charlie Rockey gave valuable input to the Mini agenda.

From Philly, it was off to Old Nassau where Bob O’Grady did his usual stellar job organizing our Off-year Reunion and Class dinner.  39 people attended the dinner and 29 made the P-rade.  Because of the perseverance of Jay Lehr and George Weiss in arranging our 55th Reunion last year, our Class received the 1912 Trophy -- "For the Class, more than 50 years out of Princeton, (with at least 10 members on its class rolls,) having the highest percentage of members registered at Reunions.”

Looking ahead, we have the Sun Valley Jazz Jamboree on the 16th through the 20th of October.  At the moment, we have 31 people signed up.  If you are interested, the cost is $600 per couple, which includes dinners for three nights and full admission to the Jamboree for 5 days.  To reserve space, checks should be made out to "Class of 1957” and mailed to The Bachman Group Inc., 7824 Laurel Avenue, Cincinnati OH 45243.  You should make your own hotel reservations promptly by calling 208/622-4111.  The rooms are about $200 per night plus tax.  The Jamboree’s web site is

The next Mini presently on the books is "D-Day to Hitler’s Eagle’s Nest” in 2014.  Part I - Operation Overlord Tour: London to Paris - September 20-28.  Part II – Citizen Soldier Tour: Paris to Berchtesgaden – September 28-October 5.  The trip will be led by the extraordinary Ron Drez, historian and Captain, USMC Retired, who did such an outstanding job for us in 2002.  For further information, see Stephan Ambrose Historical Tours, ( or contact Nate Bachman at  To reserve a space, you should follow the same procedure as indicated in the preceding paragraph – make check out to "Class of 1957” and mail it to The Bachman Group Inc., 7824 Laurel Avenue, Cincinnati OH 45243.  If you are only interested in Part I or Part II, a reservation fee of $600 per person is required.  If you’re interested in both Parts I & II, the reservation fee will be $1200 per person.  Details on the total cost per person and the tour itinerary will be released shortly.

The Rick Kennedy Tokyo Mini-Mini is still open for those who are interested in participating.  It will be in the spring of next year.  The key to its success is its small size, limited to only 5 or 6 people besides Rick.  Quoting Rick: "Tokyo is three times the size of New York and offers everything you can think of and many things you can’t even imagine.  The great advantage of a Mini Reunion of this dimension is that we can decide from day to day what we’d like to do.  Tea in the middle of a tidal lake in the former Imperial duck-hunting grounds?   A quick look at sumo wrestling practice?  Perhaps a stroll through some old neighborhoods?  For food, we might decide on a platter of soba noodles for $15, sushi at a little place I know for $25, or an exquisite meal by a Japanese chef who spent 20 years in Paris learning his craft, for $90.  Thousands of possibilities….”  If you are interested, contact Rick at  for further details.

As previously announced, the proposed Irish Mini has been postponed until the spring of 2015.   Presently we do not have anything in the hopper for spring 2014 besides the Mini-Mini or beyond the 2015 Irish Mini.  If you have any ideas please contact me.

On Saturday November 16th before the Yale game, our Class will have some tables on Fine Tower Plaza for a tail-gate luncheon.  Thanks to the Alumni Association, lunch and beverages including beer or a special Tiger Tail cocktail will be free.  Contact Fred Deming by phone (973-644-4034) or email ( if you plan to attend so that he can provide the Alumni Association with a count of likely attendees.  After the game, we will have our usual post-game reception hosted by Bruce Woodger to be located this year in the Joseph Henry Room on the first floor of Jadwin Physics, just 50 yards from the stadium west side exits.

On a different note, Fred Deming has provided his annual table below summarizing Class Revenues and Expenses for the Fiscal Year ended June 30, 2013.

Class of ’57 Fiscal Year 2012-2013 Revenues and Expenses





Class Dues


Class Mailings


Contributions to Class


Class Website


Alumni Council Dues Incentive


PAW Subscriptions




Alumni Council Dues




Carved Tigers for Class Awards




Harvard Game Cocktail Party




2013 Reunion Dinner, net




Miscellaneous Expenses


Total Revenues


Total Expenses



Not included in the table, but also received and distributed through the Class Treasury during the year were the following:  $21,854 from 172 Donors plus $11,147 of surplus funds left over from our 55th Reunion and from our Mini-Reunion in Williamsburg VA all sent to our Classmate Fund; $3,349 from 45 Donors sent to the ’57 Memorial Scholarships Fund; and $50 from one Donor sent to Annual Giving.

Dues payments last year were received from 305 Classmates and 22 Widows, as listed on the enclosed orange sheet.  Our Dues Participation rate was 56.5%, within our normal range.  We ended the year with a bank balance of $23,988, which Fred plans to use to cover some of the cost of our 60th Reunion in 2017 or other contingencies.

Enclosed is a Dues Card and return envelope for use in sending in a Dues payment for the current Fiscal Year, which began on July 1, and for making new contributions to the Classmate Fund and/or the Memorial Scholarships Fund.

Regarding Annual Giving, the University raised $57,019,138 – second highest amount in Princeton history!  Overall participation was 61.6%, which I believe was a new record.  On the home front, ’57 raised $147,409 with participation of 63.5%.  Co-agents Charlie Edwards and Dean Groel along with the 17 section chairs and all donors are to be congratulated.

Also included in this mailing is a Notes & News compiled by Turhan Tirana from Class news items that he wasn’t able to fit into the limited space we are allocated in PAW.  Finally as a PS on the next page, I’ve added the details of President Eisgruber’s upcoming installation.

I am sad to report the loss of six members of our ‘57 family since my April Letter:  John Petrosky 3/24/13, John Scranton 4/1/2013, David Taylor 4/1/2013, Ruth Rubin 4/7/2013,  Hugh Madden 5/22/2013, George "Bill” Wilde 6/18/2013 and Jack Hunt 729/2013.


P.S., as per notice from the University

The formal installation of Christopher L. Eisgruber as the 20th President of Princeton University will take place on Sunday afternoon, September 22, at 1 p.m. on the front lawn of Nassau Hall.  This academic convocation will include a procession of trustees, faculty, University officers and invited guests; greetings to the new president by students, faculty, staff, alumni and the broader higher education community; and an address by President Eisgruber.  The ceremony and a reception immediately following will be public events open to all and tickets will not be required.  At 3:30 that afternoon there will be a special concert for all members of the University community (including alumni) and their guests.

Further information about the ceremony, the reception, and the concert will be provided later this summer and will be posted on the web at  For now, save the date, spread the word, and plan to attend if you can.