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Dec 01, 2015

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"Science, my lad, is made up of mistakes which it is useful to make, because they lead little by little to the truth. " Jules Verne

New Edition of Notes and News: Ready


Do you remember ours in 1957? Jon Murphy does, read on

Class of 1957 Classmate's Fund - Sets a High Standard

Credits to Murray Peyton as well as Shep Davis and Geoge White for having written this summary.

A memorial service for our classmate Jesper Rosenmeier was held
on Saturday April 26 in Belmont MA.
Jesper died suddenly on April 3.

This obit, prepared by Jesper's employer of 40 years, Tufts University.

The Forum is Alive and Well

This, not so little, chat group is still going at it. Care to join us? email bartreitz@fuse.net. I'll add you. For now, consider the current topic, The Flash Boys, Michael Lewis '82 new book introduces some new technology that is operating in the market. Here was the invitation;subject, a better exchange:

I read with interest David Brooks op-ed piece in the Times, The Moral Power of Curiosity. It was about Michael Lewis’ new book, "Flash Boys.” I want to read this, having enjoyed (?) his previous bestsellers. The new book, like "The Big Short” focuses on a few insiders who figure out how things are working on Wall Street (or not). In "Flash Boys” one of the good guys, Brad Katsuyama decides to design an exchange where "market rigging” would not work. Why didn’t he shut up and make money like so many others? Wasn’t it all legal?


My question for the Forum: why doesn’t Congress immediately pass a few laws which will support such an Exchange?


Here is the follow-up by Forum members.